Make Muscle Music with Terry Crews!

We’ve all got our special talents — unicorn taming, laptop juggling, etc. — but our friend Terry Crews has acquired a skill unlike any we’ve seen before. The Old Spice muscleman known for his abundant supply of POWER can play a drum set without lifting a finger! By merely flexing different parts of his burly physique, Terry can conjure a percussion solo so rad it makes John Bonham (Led Zep 4 eva!) sound like Animal from the Muppets.
Everyone knows that no tune is truly cool until it receives the remix treatment, so once you’ve had your fill of Terry’s performance, we invite you to build your own brawn-powered creation using our special interactive player. Your keyboard is equipped to control each of Terry’s muscles, and the player will record your beats, which can then be saved and uploaded right to your Vimeo account. Go ahead, show us your power!