Staff Picks: The Best of October 2012

In our recent blog post eulogizing the HD channel and announcing the relaunch of Staff Picks, we promised that we, your trusty Vimeo curation team, would be experimenting with fun, new ways to highlight and package the consistently excellent content you bring to the site. In that spirit, enjoy what we plan on having become a regular feature—plucked from Staff Picks, a Best of the Month watchlist!

Innovative? Perhaps not, but it’s such a no-brainer of an idea that it’s astonishing we haven’t done it until now. The Staff Picks Channel currently features over 150 videos every month, which, frankly, can be a little overwhelming. Why not collect our favorites—the essential, must-watch, instant classics of the previous month into one mind-melting aggregation of awesome?

Lean back, watch in Couch Mode and enjoy >