How Josh Owens made this beautiful time-lapse video of Times Square

More than fifty thousand time-lapse videos have been posted to Vimeo, the online art house to YouTube’s multiplex, and many of them are beautiful. But on Tuesday evening, Josh Owens posted one that struck us as more ambitious and impressive than most. Maybe it’s because much of it was shot from hotel windows in Times Square, where we have our offices: at ground level, in real time, it can be a dispiriting neighborhood, but Owens reminded us that it’s also a glorious one, at least when it’s sped up around seven hundred and twenty times. (The interval between frames as Owens shot them was anywhere from five seconds to a full minute.)

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Remember this awesome video we posted a few days ago? Today The New Yorker has a great behind-the-scenes article featuring the talented Vimean, Josh Owens aka Midrelic. Check it out!