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Weekend Project: Vertical Vids

Our computer screens and trips to movie theaters have biased our eyeballs. When we think of video, our first thought most likely includes films snuggled safely into the 16:9 or 4:3 format. But I’ve got to tell you, my Vimean pals— that’s not the only way! Turn a camera sideways and you’ve got a whole new world of compositional possibilities. Not convinced? Check out Jesse Rosten’s beautiful video, Beach Verticals.

This weekend, we challenge you to cast off the shackles of tradition and flip your camera 90°! But don’t let this rotation throw your aesthetic sensibilities off kilter, if you need a little inspiration, head over to the Tallscreen Channel.

The restrictions are as follows: Your video must be a vertical, static shot, between 1-2 minutes long. Think of it as a photograph that moves and use this opportunity to capture something subtle, like the slight movement of leaves in the wind, or the hint of a smile on a friends face.

The winner of the Weekend Project will receive a free Plus Account or 2 extra gigs of upload space per week if they are already Plus! The runner up will receive 1 gig of extra upload space per week.

Since we’re a bit late sending out this assignment, submissions aren’t due until Thursday (9/2) at 9:00AM (EST).

Be sure to submit your video to the Weekend Project Group, otherwise it will not be considered. Please note that the Community Staff will approve videos for inclusion into the Group and will also be selecting the winning videos.

Bon courage!